Meet Wish Local - An E-Commerce and Brick-and-Mortar Partnership for the Future

This January, Wish launched Local, our first major program to partner with brick-and-mortar stores. The program features four services that allow Wish and traditional retail stores to leverage our collective strengths, generating awareness, foot traffic, and, most importantly, sales.
Our first feature, Local Pickup, is the cornerstone of the program. With Local Pickup, Wish users can purchase Wish products on the app and retrieve it the same day at a nearby retail store. Brick-and-mortar stores get a boost in foot traffic from Wish’s 500 million consumer base and Wish users can get their purchases immediately instead of waiting for shipping. It’s a win for everyone involved.
Local is already giving a boost to participating retailers. Luis, who runs Expo Home Decor in Miami, says of the program, “We’ve already seen a few Pickups! While picking up two diffusers, one customer noticed that our store smelled great and asked what product we were using. On top of their Wish Pickup order, they ended up buying 6 items, including the scent sachets we use in our store, essential oils for the Wish diffusers, and some items that were near checkout! We’re really excited about the additional sales that Wish will drive for our store!”
Wish customers have also been pleasantly surprised by the new service.  A recent customer rated Local five stars and wrote of Pickup, “I ordered something from Wish today, but it was something new…I honestly didn’t expect it to be here at first, but I came in…He showed me it was operational…then scanned my code. It was so quick and easy to do I would most likely be coming back for another Wish item from this store if there’s any left.”
Local also offers three other services to help stores go digital and boost sales. Partner stores can sell their inventory on Wish for extra cash flow, have access to Wish’s cutting-edge sales trends and product sourcing, and finally, can advertise their services or store promotions on the app. Local is poised to prove that e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores can help each other succeed. Is this partnership the future of retail? We think so.


  1. I have an issue, I am alredy a local wish store, the tel you sent to me does't work and is block. I have items for customer to pick up, but unfortunally i can not scaneed the items in the phone for inventory. can you help o call me 714 376 1561

  2. I'm a wish local but insted of having my business name on the account it has my name. A few customers have told me that they had to guess where to go to pick up. As i'm not know by my name but by my business name. How can we change that

  3. I register wishlocal account,but i can`t login APP now

  4. I am a WISH LOCAL.....I do have a few issues..Things l;ike why cant the QR codes be updated so only have to scan once... Some Customers dont like you looking at even 1 QR Code never mind 3 and 4. Next YES customers do say they cant find you....Thats the Customers. As I am Next door to main Post OIffice and People still say they didnt know where we are. Its actually more hastle than its worth... But no doubt it will get there.
    Payments have been on time.


  6. can you please tell me how to set up the payment portion so that i can receive my earnings.


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